Rainbow Park South Bank London
The talented guys at Specialist Aggregates are not known for their musical prowess, however, during May 2012 they could be excused for singing along to “I can sing a rainbow”.

How does it go ? Red and Yellow and Pink and – well that’s where it went a bit awry we didn’t have to make green. but Purple and Orange and Blue .

Specialist Aggregates worked evenings and weekends to manufacture the medley of coloured sands on time for what is thought to be the worlds largest coloured sand pit installed along the Thames at The South Bank Centre in London this summer.

The design by Polish artist Adam Kalinowski called Rainbow Park is part of the South Bank’s Festival of the World celebrations. The multi-coloured urban beach will be open for exploration, sandcastle making and beach picnics from 15th June to early September.

Our images show the brightly coloured sands as they were installed in June together with the subtle blending of colours following a month of intermingling. Earlier images include the results of pre-production trials to match specified grain size and colour together with final products awaiting despatch.