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Bridport Gravel Returns
Bridport Gravel, once the industry standard for fully rounded “pea gravel” against which all other gravels were compared, ceased supply around ten years ago. Since that time many have searched in vain to discover a suitable alternative.

Earlier this year Specialist Aggregates finally located exactly what was required, an environmentally sustainable deposit of durable and fully rounded pea gravel, but with a modern twist - the material comes in natural multi coloured hues of charcoal black.

Since visiting the deposit Specialist Aggregates have been working closely with the owners to develop products suitable for the UK market. From the first week in November we will have the following available:

Technical Aggregates
Fully rounded gravels in sizes of 1-4mm, 2-6mm and 4-8mm
Support media for specialist high volume filtration
Backfill to boreholes with minimal annular space.
Gravels for test tracks and skid pans.

Dried Aggregates
Fully rounded dried gravels in sizes of 1-4mm, 2-6mm, 4-8mm and 6-15mm
Resin based flooring
Terrazzo including swimming pool surrounds.
Decorative wall boards.
Extenders for self levelling cement applications
These clean dried gravels are also ideal for promotions, photoshoots and staged events.

Decorative Aggregates
Sizes as described above plus fully rounded gravels graded as 6-15mm, and 20- 30mm
Decorative landscape applications
Pebble dashing

As an historical endorsement of the once esteemed gravels worked on the western end of Chesil Beach we have decided to call our new range of products “Bridport Black Gravel “ .

A link to the products is shown below.

Our Images show examples of Bridport black gravel being used in resin based flooring in a hotel foyer and office reception areas. The gravels can also be seen utilised as a striking pebble dash to a seaside bungalow.