If sand could dream ..............
"If sand could dream" is not a style or range, it is a perception to fulfil aspirations for decorative sand for leisure, sport and product promotion.

At Specialist Aggregates we take your ideas and concepts for sands and with our own manufacturing facilities develop them into reality.

Origination of recent commissions include:
  • We are filming a documentary on the American lunar landings and require a sand to replicate the surface of the moon.

  • My client is specifying products for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and requires a sand for the long-jump pits

  • I'm not at liberty to discuss the exact application, but we require a dark grey sand for a Dr Who film set

  • My company requires a beach sand with a pink undertone for a tropical beach photo-shoot.

  • Our preference is for a recycled sand - can you help ?

  • I'm phoning from a major London store and require an aqua marine coloured sand for our forthcoming window displays.

  • Hi Steve, this year we are collaborating on a tropical garden for The Chelsea Flower Show and require a terracotta coloured laterite sand

  • We are presenting a Martian Rover display at the University, can you provide a Martian sand ?

  • We are co-ordinating a major mail-out for an international charity and require a sand to represent a natural disaster.

  • My company requires a pure white sand for a cat walk at Paris fashion Week.

  • We are preparing for a photo-shoot with a major international recording artist and need a black sand for the album cover.

  • I require a selection of fine coloured sands for a Street Art display promoting a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

  • We are a research institute and require a sand that we can trace in our sediment tanks.

What stories our sands could tell ! - laid on by pop stars, seen by millions, researched by academics, bringing colour to our lives.

Contact Specialist Aggregates to discuss your ideas.