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Lytag being packed at our depot in RugeleyLytag being packed at our depot in RugeleyLytag being packed at our depot in Rugeley
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
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Lytag Concrete Aggregate. Specially graded honeycomb Lytag® aggregate offered for use as a coarse aggregate in the manufacture of lightweight concrete.

Pack Size: 16kg (Approx 20ltr)

Granule Size: Approx. 4-14mm.

Density: LYTAG® is a lightweight aggregate with a bulk density at point of supply of approximately 810 kg/m3. (ie volume for volume Lytag ® Concrete Aggregate is approximately half the weight of “normal” limestone or gravel aggregate).

Moisture Content: As supplied 4-14mm LYTAG ® is likely to contain a natural moisture content of approximately 15% by weight.

Lytag® is a sintered lightweight honeycomb aggregate that is resistant to frost and chemicals, and will not break down in water. It is also non combustible and has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.
This specially graded Lytag® aggregate contains a minimum of “fines”, and is offered for use as a coarse aggregate in the manufacture of lightweight concrete.

Lytag Lightweight Concrete Design:
The design and production of concrete is complex, involving specific data on the properties of the fine aggregate (sand), coarse aggregate (in this instance a lightweight coarse aggregate) and mix design to meet specific structural requirements. For full details of mix designs including reference to appropriate British Standards see Lytag Technical Manual Sections 3 to 5.

The following advice is offered in good faith to produce a “general purpose” non structural concrete. The mix is based on 4-14mm Lytag®, plus natural sharp sand and cement (OPC) sourced separately from a local builders merchant.

A classic “normal aggregate” 4:2:1 concrete mix can be made using Lytag, , ie 48kg of Lytag® Lighteweight Concrete Aggregate (3 x16kg packs) , 2 x 25kg Sharp Sand and 25kg Cement. (Bear in mind that the Lytag will provide double the volume and hence preserve the principle of the 4:2:1 mix)

Moisture content is a critical factor in determining the final strength of concrete. For DIY or site mixed concrete absolute figures for the volume of added water can not be given as the moisture content of both fine (sand) and coarse (lightweight) aggregate needs to be known. Sufficient water needs to be added to hydrate the cement and make the mix workable. Additional water may be required compared to a “normal aggregate” concrete mix as the Lytag® will absorb moisture, however if the cement paste washes of the Lytag® aggregate the mix is probably too wet.

The above guide lines should produce a Lightweight Concrete which is up to 25% less dense than “normal concrete” with a compressive strength equivalent to at least LC 20:22

LYTAG ® lightweight concrete aggregate is manufactured in the UK from reclaimed power station fuel ash (PFA).
Lytag® is made by pelletising and sintering pulverised fuel ash in a rotary kiln at a very high temperature. As it is fired, moisture in the pellets expands to produce a honeycombed core while the outside surface of each granule fuses to a ceramic shell. The resulting granules are lightweight, porous, and have a high resistance to crushing.

Environmental Considerations:
Lytag® is manufactured from former coal fired power station ash, hence allowing for land formerly used for landfill to be reinstated.
As Lytag is approximately 50% the weight of “normal”aggregate, twice the volume can be carried, reducing vehicle movements both on and off highway.

Particle Size:
Sieve Size mm % Passing
14 100%
10 87%
8.0 49%
4.0 4%
Physical Properties:
Moisture Content as delivered BS EN 1097-5:1999 15%
Aggregate Crushing Strength (BS EN 13055) 6.5 Nmm2
Particle Density 1.31
Permeability BS1377:Pt5 1999 1.3x10-1 m/s
Chemical Composition:
Principal components typically:
SiO2 53%
Al2O3 25%
Fe2O3 6%
CaO 4%
Los on Ignition 3.1%
Chloride 0.01%
Acid Soluable sulphate 0.1%
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Specify: 4-14mm Lytag Concrete Aggregate from Specialist Aggregates.

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Alternative Volumes 
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
1 Tonne Big Bag
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
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Alternative Volumes 
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
1 Tonne Big Bag
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
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