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Specialist Sand - Glasscrete - Medium
Product Code: 3013

20kg: £32.40 Inc VAT and delivery


20kg: £32.40 Inc VAT and delivery
Pack size: 20kg.

Particle Size: 0.5-1mm (500 to 1000 micron), BS410 16:30,

High quality clean and dry, tumbled glass sand manufactured from recycled bottle bank arisings. Sub angular and granular particle shape and grading making the product suitable for water filtration including use in swimming pools, aquaria, industrial waste water and borehole applications.
The glass is colourfast, making it suitable for use in resin and concrete systems.

Composition: Produced from mixed colour recycled container glass.
Particle Shape: Sub-angular granular
Colour: Mixed colour - light green
Bulk Density: 1.45 tonnes per cubic metre
Chemical Composition: Amorphous Sodium silicate glass (Typical oxide analysis, 72.2% SiO2,13.3% Na2O, 10.9% CaO, 1.65% MgO, 1.5% Al2O3 . Actual composition may vary due to slight variations in recycled glass feed)

Hardness: 6-7 (Moh's Scale)

Design Specify: 0.5-1mm (16:30) Glasscrete sand from Specialist Aggregates.

Product Code: 3013
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Specialist Sand - Glasscrete - Medium
Specialist Sand - Glasscrete - Medium
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40 Pack Pallet (1 Tonne)
Specialist Sand - Glasscrete - Medium - Collect
Specialist Sand - Glasscrete - Medium - Collect
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