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Enviro-Glass - Sunset Red Crush
Enviro-Glass - Sunset Red Crush
Specialist Aggregates Group
Specialist Aggregates Ltd Marine Arts Online Shells

Technical Aggregates

Aggregates with specific scientific properties or techincal attributes

Our highly qualified and experienced staff have brought together a wide range of aggregates with specific scientific properties or technical attributes previously unavailable for direct purchase on the web.

Friendly and experienced staff
Friendly and experienced staff…
Attention to quality and detail
Attention to quality and detail…
Use our Quick Search to locate the product you require
Use our Quick Search to locate the product you require…
Reliable on-time delivery
Reliable on-time delivery…
Knowledge of safety issues and practical aspects of aggregates in the public domain
Knowledge of safety issues and practical aspects of aggregates in the public domain…
Pioneering use of recyled products
Pioneering use of recyled products…
Mortar Sand - Sea Dredged - Coarse
Pack size: 1 tonne in Big Bags (Product also available in bulk with volume di...
Mortar Sand - Marine Yellow / Brown - Fine
Pack size: 20kg. Grading Typical sieve size (mm) % retained 5 mm, 0% 2. 36 mm...
Specialist Sand - Glasscrete - Coarse - Collect
High quality clean, tumbled glass sand manufactured from recycled bottle bank ar...
Sand - Marine Quartz - Fine
Top quality natural washed kiln dried and graded quartz sand with a rounded grai...
Enviro-Glass - Tangerine Orange Glass Pebbles
Sparkling clear Tangerine Orange glass chunks. The glass may be used for window ...
Sand - UV Response - Green - Fine - Collect
Pack size: 5kg Sand size: 0. 1-0. 3mm Totally outrageous!! a sand that glows ...
Sand - Coal - Coarse
Coarse graded coal sand to provide a soft staining black spec in traditional lim...
Recycled Enviro-Glass  - Aqua - Fine
Opaque aqua glass chippings. Colourfast and waterproof, clients have used this p...
Glass Fire Coals
Sparkling clear amber glass fire coals. the glass has been extensively used as r...
Enviro-Glass - Baby Blue Crush
Top quality light blue opaque glass chippings that have been crushed and tumbled...
Aluminium Blanks - Large Rounds
Aluminium blanks suitable for a range of applications from providing a feature i...
Heavyweight Concrete Sand - Coarse
Steel punchings (perforations) suitable for the manufacture of counter-weight co...
Juraperle pH Correction Media - Coarse Sand
A natural microcrystalline pure calcium carbonate (Ca CO3) sand for the p H corr...
Dashing - Red & White - 3-8mm
Pack size: 20kg Stone Size: 3-8mm Descripion: Natural polar white and red gra...
Enviro-Glass - Emerald Green Crush
Top quality clear emerald green glass chippings that have been crushed and tumbl...
Enviro-Glass - Crystal Clear Glass Rocks
Absolutely stunning sparkling clear crystal glass rocks. The glass may be used f...
Leca® Sand - Lightweight Expanded Aggregate
Top quality genuine expanded lightweight aggregate manufactured by Leca® . Speci...
Sand - Silica - Kiln Dried - Collect
Pack size: 20kg/16ltrs. Size: 0. 2-0. 7mm Natural kiln dried medium fine clea...
Kiln Dried Quartz Gravel 3-5mm - Collect
& Application A natural light coloured washed and dried clean quartz gravel ...
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Bridport Black Gravel
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