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OO/HO Gauge Model Railway Wagon Load - Limestone
Product Code: 5520

4kg: £32.40 Inc VAT and delivery


4kg: £32.40 Inc VAT and delivery

High Fidelity OO/HO Scale light grey limestone wagon fill. Satisfying requirements for exacting detail and the ability to create "sans frontier".

Primary Colour and Source: Light grey limestone comparable to products originating from Pennine and South Wales quarries, used in vast quantities as a flux in steel manufacture in blast furnaces from Port Talbot to Middlesbrough and Southern Scotland.

Actual Grain Size: 1.0-2.0mm
Corresponding Real Life Size at OO/HO Gauge: 75 - 150mm

Pack size: 4kg

OO/HO Scale Analogue to: Former BS882 Aggregates from Natural Sources. This chunky crushed limestone would have been transported in vast amounts to satisfy the requirements of UK's Iron and Steel industry. Limestone was also used in glass and chemical manufacture.

Seize the opportunity afforded by the exacting detail that defines the ultra realism of our OO/HO Gauge Model Railway Wagon Load - Limestone.

Our Wagon Load materials not only add authenticity to your model railway landscape but become a critical element in the historical commentary. With all our analogue aggregate products we pay meticulous attention throughout our unique manufacturing process to ensure that the product you receive is free from dust and true to scale, thus allowing you to create without compromise and providing you with natural materials to create a sensory experience that transcends the miniature scale.

Colours, textures and most importantly the "true to scale" size of our Ultra Realistic Model Railway Wagon Load are all carefully chosen, ensuring that every wagon and hopper of your model railway reflects life size reality.

Our Wagon Load - Limestone is produced with a model-making "cheat" in so far as it incorporates natural pumice, thus reducing weight within the wagons.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your model railway and impress fellow enthusiasts with the attention to detail that sets your layout apart. Browse our full range of Ultra Realistic Model Railway Wagon Fill options and transform your model railway into a breathtaking masterpiece. Unleash your creativity and let the wagons roll!

Other Modelling Applications:
Our OO/HO Gauge Model Railway Track Wagon Fill - Limestone also has the following high fidelity "in scale" applications

Z Gauge 200 to 400mm crushed stone - River Embankment Protection - "Rip-Rap"
N Gauge 175-350mm crushed stone - Natural Scree
TT Gauge 125-250mm crushed stone - Natural Scree - Urban Apocalypse
O Gauge 40-75mm crushed stone - Sub grade foundations
G Gauge 20-40mm crushed granite - Drainage materials

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, shade variations can occur both with the products themselves and with ambient lighting.

When used for modelling, perceived variance to colour and reflectance can occur due to base materials and adhesives used.

It can be difficult to adequately describe and visualise grain size, we do, however, show products in context with additional images.

This product option is packed in a secure weatherproof pack.
Delivery is either by post, national or international couriers. Our checkout allows for you to advise us of any delivery requirements or concerns you may have.

Specify: OO/HO Gauge Model Railway Wagon Load - Limestone from Specialist Aggregates

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