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Lytag® 4-14mm for Lightweight Concrete
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Specialist Aggregates Ltd Marine Arts Online Shells
2013 Storms 12 Months On   Friday 07 November, 2014

Storm ravaged Sealife Sanctuary re-opens and Urchin fishing re-commences in Cornwall


During the twelve months after storms wreaked havoc on coastal districts of the UK, Specialist Aggregates have been involved in a number of projects demonstrating the resilience and resourcefulness of coastal communities.
On the West Coast of Cornwall, the prolonged stormy weather during the winter months caused a complete cessation of diving for the much prized edible sea urchin. The popularity of the cleaned shells during the 1970’s and 80’s had caused a sharp decline in numbers, however, local divers now report that populations have recovered and that in recent years harvesting is being carried out at levels that can be sustained.

Specialist Aggregates’ wholesale shell company Marine Arts has limited stocks of these beautiful and uniquely coloured shells for sale.

Across on the east coast, the tidal surge of the 5th and 6th of December (2013) completely destroyed the display tanks of the Sea Life Sanctuary in Hunstanton. In the immediate aftermath staff literally waded in to rescue the wildlife before a £3 million re-building plan was approved. During the summer of 2014 Specialist Aggregates were called in to advise on sands and gravels as substrates for the 27 rebuilt tanks.

Apart from clean marine sands and gravels, the company supplied crushed scallop, cockle and oyster shells for the British Native Marine displays, and added a splash of colour with black volcanic sands, and red and blue glass for the Nemo tanks.

Our images show the ray tank during the renovation, clearly a substantial amount of work was still required before the planned October 2014 opening! The storm damage to the famous red and white striped cliffs of Hunstanton is very evident in the second image and will take substantially longer for natural processes to "heal".

Back on the east coast at Hunstanton, the beach is one of the few places on the eastern side of the country where the sun can be seen setting in the west over the sea - work that one out if you can!

2013 Storms 12 Months On
2013 Storms 12 Months On
2013 Storms 12 Months On
2013 Storms 12 Months On
2013 Storms 12 Months On

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