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Sand - Beach Dune - White
Sand - Beach Dune - White
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Why is granite so durable?   Sunday 08 January, 2017

Dear Spaggs,

Why is granite so durable?


The durability of granite comes down to its mineralogical structure, which can only be effectively seen when magnified.

It is possible to cut slices of rock using a diamond saw, and then polish them so thinly that light will pass through the constituent particles when viewed under a microscope.

Our image shows such a “mineralogical slide” of silver grey granite photographed through a microscope. This clearly demonstrates how each individual mineral grain is interlocked and almost fused with its neighbour. It is this structure which makes granite so durable as there are, no easily distinguishable fracture planes, further, the tight packing of the constituents prevents in ingress of water and damaging frost.

No wonder granites are the preferred option for railway track ballast, with large quantities of the rock being quarried for this purpose in Leicestershire, Scotland and North Wales.

Extra Information:

For more information, please visit this related link:  Silver Grey Granite.

Why is granite so durable ?
Why is granite so durable ?

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