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Bentonite PelletsProduct supplied securely wrapped on a pallet
Bentonite Clay - Pellets
Product Code: 6083

 10 Pack Pallet (¼ Tonne):   £238.20 Inc VAT and delivery* 
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Bentonite clay pellets, formulated for situations where accurate placement is a prime consideration.

Suitable for water and geothermal boreholes, as well as sealing ponds and canals, their specially formulated shape preventing "bridging" during the placement of the materials.

Pack size: 25kg. (Approximately 25ltrs )

Product Size: 8mm diameter pellet - generally 12mm long

Volume: 1m3 of pellets will weigh 1100kg
1000kg (1 tonne) of pellets will have a volume of 910 litres.

How does it work ?

This bentonite is supplied in a pellitised form to initially allow for water to slowly come into contact with the clay in a controlled manner. As water is absorbed, the clay expands to fill cavities both between the pellets and adjacent soil. Once hydrated, the clay forms an impermeable barrier.

The time-lapse image found to the left (opens in new popup) demonstrates this expansion over a 2 hour time frame.
Description and Use:

Natural Bentonite clay expands in the presence of water making it an industry standard as a low permeability, self sealing natural geo-technical barrier,

These sodium bentonite clay pellets are the same product that is extensively used for oil and geothermal drilling muds.

Why Pellets rather than granules ?
Bentonite clay pellets have been formulated for use in situations where accurate placement is a prime consideration. This is achieved by the delayed swelling action of the pellets, allowing up to 15 minutes in water before the pellets begin to expand.

Bentonite clay pellets are used for sealing water and geothermal boreholes, their specially formulated shape preventing "bridging" during the placement.

The pellets also find application where a impermeable barrier is required to prevent lateral migration of groundwater. This can be facilitated by pouring the pellets direct into a pre-prepared slit trench.

Sealing of cracks and leaks in natural and membrane lined ponds.
Potentially not an exact science in a murky depths of a natural pond ! However, in those situations where a reasonable assumption can be made as to the source of a leak, and when it is impractical to drain the pond, pellets poured direct into water can be a convenient way of accurately forming a clay plug. Examples include loss of water around concrete weirs to millponds and similar.

Bentonite is a variety of clay which is predominantly composed of the mineral Montmorillonite. The clays are thought to be a product derived from the decomposition of volcanic ash, and are worked from beds located in Denmark
Whilst not economically exploited in the UK layers of bentonite known as "wayboards" are found within the Carboniferous Limestones of Derbyshire.

Pellet Density: 1.1

pH: 7.1

Unconfined Swelling Capacity: After 24 hours > 400%, Ultimately up to 600% of original pellet size.

Freefall in water: Approximately 24m/minute .

Typical Hydraulic Conductivity: 5x 10-12 m/sec (Equivalent to less than 1mm in 12 months for a compacted membrane.)

Specify: Bentonite Clay Pellets from Specialist Aggregates.

Product Code: 6083
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Bentonite Clay - Pellets

Bentonite Clay - Pellets

Bentonite Wiki - Pellets

Bentonite Wiki - Pellets

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Alternative Volumes 
Bentonite Clay - Pellets

Bentonite Clay - Pellets
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