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Research And Development from Specialist Aggregates Ltd
Research & Development

A team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff front Specialist Aggregates quest for innovative markets and to maintaining the companys portfolio of responsibly sourced aggregates.

Recent examples include:

  • The development with Electricity North West of a blast mitigation bag for underground distribution boxes.
  • Active field investigation into sources of Pumice, Volcanic gravels and white marble sands.
  • Collaboration with a European leader in tropical marine environments to produce and market a shell based replacement for coral sand.
Featured Case Studies

Expanded Lightweight Clay Aggregate or Lytag®

Specialist Aggregates compares the properties of Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate and Lytag®

Bridport Gravel Returns

Specialist Aggregates Re-Establish an Industry Standard

Red Colliery Shale and the Miracle Crystals

Leca® LWA provides an effective solution to under floor refurbishment. brbr Problems have arisen in late 1940's and 50's housing, where a shortage of imported wood to facilitate the suspended type floors that had been in vogue pre-war. were overcome by building up the under-floor with mining waste and to cap it off with what was often a poorly specified and uncontrolled concrete.

The only effective solution is to remove the old sub-floor and to replace with a non sulfate bearing hardcore: for example Leca® LWA insulation fill and top off with modern quality controlled concrete.
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Bridport Black Gravel
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