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Crushed and Fine Graded Limestone Analogue - Dark Grey
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4kg: £32.40 Inc VAT and delivery


4kg: £32.40 Inc VAT and delivery

High fidelity crushed and fine graded dark grey limestone analogue. Providing for exacting realism and the ability to create without compromise.
Researched, Developed and Manufactured in the UK.

Primary Colour and Source: Limestone, the mainstay for track ballast for the Northern Railways both pre-war and into the 1960's. Typically sourced from Pennine limestone quarries from Matlock to Teesdale. Whilst material from the Lancashire quarries was a naturally black in colour, pollution and weathering soon turned the lighter coloured limestones from the Southern Pennine quarries a darker colour.

This product also provides a high fidelity analogue for blast furnace slag sourced from steel works across the UK from South Wales (Port Talbot), the Midlands (Ettingshall, Round Oak and Shelton) to the North East (Renishaw and Redcar) and Southern Scotland.

Locally boiler clinker was used for ballast and this product provides an excellent miniature analogue.

Actual Grain Size: 0.1-0.35mm
High Fidelity Analogue at N Gauge to real life (contaminated) 30-50mm rail ballast.

Pack size: 4kg (Approx 2500 Cm3 - Sufficient to cover 4Sqm at scatter thickness)

Say goodbye to non-specific, one size fits all, monocolor options and embrace the exacting detail that defines the ultra realism of our high fidelity crushed and fine graded dark grey limestone analogue.

Our meticulously crafted analogue not only adds authenticity to contemporary, retro and fantasy landscapes but becomes a critical element in the storytelling narrative. We pay the utmost attention throughout our unique manufacturing processes to ensure that the product you receive is free from dust, thus allowing you to create without compromise and providing you with the material to create a sensory experience that transcends its miniature scale.

Colours, textures and most importantly the "true to scale" size of our Ultra Realistic Graded Limestone Analogue are all carefully chosen, ensuring that the stone reflects the diversity of actual applications and conceptualised Worlds.

Model railway enthusiasts, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your model railway and impress fellow enthusiasts with the attention to detail that sets your layout apart. Browse our full range of aggregate analogue options, unleash your creativity and let the realism flow!

Based on Model Railway Nomenclature, Applications for Fine Graded Dark Grey Limestone Analogue Include:
Real life examples rounded to nearest actual quarried sizes.

Z Scale (1:220): Real life 20 to 75mm crushed stone - A construction size generally reserved for bulk fill under buildings or within road and rail embankments. Realistic small scree at the base of basalt rock slopes.

N Scale (1:148): Real life 15-50mm crushed ballast
Railway Board Standard 1246 Aggregates for Rail Ballast, specifies hard, clean and durable stone crushed and graded to 30-50mm. Stone specified to be free of weathered particles, organic matter and inorganic residues - just like our crushed granite analogue only in N Gauge miniature !

Rail ballast may start its life as pristine, however, we are all aware that it soon becomes "contaminated" and looks like our dark grey stone analogue.

Whilst our crushed fine granite analogue makes for perfect N Gauge track support, it can also be used for wagon fill and p way stockpiles. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of ballast were and continue to be transported each year by rail from quarries for use by permanent way maintenance crews.

TT Scale (1:120): Real life 12-40mm fragmented concrete - Urban Apocalypse. A perfect fine mid grey background for realistic game scaping.

OO/HO Scale (1:76): Real Life 8-25mm crushed concrete aggregate.
In the real world the largest single application for aggregates. Our crushed dark grey analoge can be bound with cement, but does not provide for great strength in thin sections. Try epoxy or polyurethane resins or PVA glue to increase strength, or use as a dust free filler/extender in Jesmonite®.

O Scale (1:43): 4-15mm crushed stone - An ideal fine textured modelling background for film and image sets and gaming badland scenics.

G Scale (1:22): 2-8mm crushed stone A specialist size generally used for resin bonded applications in real life but our fine graded dark grey limestone analogue provides for a superb fine textured background for film and image sets.

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, shade variations can occur both with the products themselves and with ambient lighting.

When used for modelling, perceived variance to colour and reflectance can occur due to base materials and adhesives used.

It can be difficult to adequately describe and visualise grain size, we do, however, show products in context with additional images.

This product option is packed in a secure weatherproof pack.
Delivery is either by post, national or international couriers. Our checkout allows for you to advise us of any delivery requirements or concerns you may have.

Specify: Crushed and Fine Graded Limestone Analogue - Dark Grey from Specialist Aggregates

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