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Glass Glitter - Fuchsia
Product Code: 7785

 0.5kg:   £52.50 Inc VAT and delivery 
 1kg:   £69.97 Inc VAT and delivery 


Particle size: Irregular shaped particles, Nominal 0.5mm to 1mm (medium grade).Similar in size to granulated sugar. Field of view in image approximately 20mm.

Glass Thickness: Nominal 250 micron (0.25mm)

Coverage: A 1kg pack if distributed evenly is likely to cover up to 1.5m2 (16ft 2)

Product Description :
Colour coated glass, suitable for terrazzo and resin bound flooring, display panels, work-tops and wet pour applications. The glass may also be used as a decorative sparkle finish for event decoration, theatres, photo shoots and window dressing.

Top quality German glass glitter, often referred to as "diamond dust", from Sigmund Lindner the world's leading supplier of glitter and glass beads. The silver based colour coating and random shape provides for a high brilliance and a distinctive colour spectrum, setting itself aside from monochromatic plastic glitter. The colour coating which is typically less than 3 microns in thickness has been further "sealed" , making the glitter particles both waterproof and resistant to solvents.

Unique among modern glitters, glass glitter has a low electrostatic charge, making the product easy to handle, in so much as it doesn't "stick" to surfaces especially plastics, making it a valuable asset for photographic commissions.

The glass particles have a specific gravity in the order of 2.5kg/dm3, similar to that of "normal" aggregates. This makes the glitter ideal for screeds and similar as the particles are less likely to segregate when mixing. The bulk density of glass glitter can be up to five times greater than polyester glitters (depending on size) which when used for window and event displays makes it substantially easier to clear away.

Glass glitter is neither combustible or explosive.

Availability: Product is generally held as a stock item for immediate despatch.

Safety Information:
This glitter is a professional product, is not a toy and is not recommended for children of any age.
Risk of minor cuts is possible , but generally protective gloves are not required when handling
Risk of slipping due to spillage of product.

Design Specify: Glass Glitter (Medium) Fuchsia from Specialist Aggregates.

Alternative Sizes:
Fuchsia coloured glass glitter is also available as a fine grade (Nominal particle size 200 micron, 0.2mm, similar in size to table salt) and Coarse Grade (Nominal particle size 1.5mm,similar in size to small rice). Please enquire for availability.

Glitter in History:
It would appear that mankind has always been partial to a bit of "bling"! There is evidence that naturally occurring mica was used in prehistoric times to adorn cave paintings and decorate Mayan Temples, whilst other minerals including malachite (green copper based mineral) , galena (lead based silver grey mineral) and haematite (iron oxide giving a dark red "streak") were again used for decoration and personal adornment.

Most modern glitters are manufactured from precision cut coloured plastic. However, for around 100 years up to WW2 glass glitter, which at that time was widely referred to as diamante, and in particular the materials innovated and produced in Germany, reigned supreme providing Christmas sparkle and excitement to theatre and event decoration.
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