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Lytag® Geo fill 8-14mm Aggregate
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Specialist Aggregates discover new volcanic rocks   Tuesday 09 September, 2014

Europe's newest eruption at the end of the road


Who said accountants are boring? Our bean counter Steph is back in the office this morning ( 9/9/14) having travelled overland to within touching distance of the Arctic Circle to view Iceland’s newest eruption.

For over a month Steph had been following the daily bulletins issued by the Icelandic Met Office of seismic activity centred on an active volcano which is unbelievably located beneath ˝ mile of ice under the northern rim of Europe’s largest icecap Vatnajökull. Whilst interpretation of earthquake data suggested upward movement of lava within the volcano, it also showed an underground flow northwards towards the glacier Dyngjujökull.

Unlike the violent eruption of Eyjafjallajökull whose dust cloud brought European airports to a standstill in 2010, this time the lava has broken to the surface as a fissure eruption north of the ice cap in the area of Holuhraun in what is one of the most remote areas of central Iceland. Unperturbed and with only days to go before the interior roads are closed for the winter it took a bone shuddering three hour drive north from the closest metalled roads, to reach the vantage point of Fjordungsalda (972m OD) on the edge of the exclusion zone.

Our images show Steph taking a photo opportunity on route F26 with the icecap of Hofsjökull to the west. The super-jeep parked up on the edge of the largest cold desert in Europe so remote and desolate it found fame in the 1960’s for being the training location for the Apollo moon landings.

Nearly two hours later a shipping container atop of the peak of Fjordungsalda, provided not only shelter for a generator providing power for the cell phone mast and a recently installed seismic station, but also refuge from the howling wind for intrepid volcano watchers.

Finally some fifteen miles away shrouded with cloud and steam, but clearly visible against the night sky, the site of the fissure eruption at Holuhraun and genesis of the youngest rocks on the planet.

Heading Home and finally reaching metalled roads in the early hours of the morning, tyre pressures are increased from the 4psi used to provide a more comfortable ride across the interior roads.

Specialist Aggregates discover new volcanic rocks
Specialist Aggregates discover new volcanic rocks
Specialist Aggregates discover new volcanic rocks
Specialist Aggregates discover new volcanic rocks

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