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Silica Sand - Filter Media 8:16Silica Sand 8:16 being packed at our depot in RugeleySilica Sand 8:16 being packed at our depot in RugeleySilica Sand 8:16 being packed at our depot in RugeleySilica Sand 8:16 being packed at our depot in Rugeley
Filter Media - Silica Sand 8:16
Product Code: 3409

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Filtration Sand - Grade 8:16 (1-2mm) A coarse grade of silica sand filtration media. Frequently specified for heavy duty industrial, swimming pool, pond and potable water filters.

Pack size: 15kg

Size: 1 - 2mm (BS 8:16)

Grading Specification: Max 5% Retained 2.0mm : Max 5% Passing 1.0%mm

Description & Use:
A natural washed and closely graded coarse silica sand suitable for industrial, swimming pool, pond and potable water filters. The sand my either be used alone or as a support layer for finer sands eg 16:30 grade.

Prior to ordering:
Check manufacturers’ installation instructions to ensure compatibility of the sand media.
The volume of sand media required will vary with make and capacity of filter, please check manufacturers recommendations.

Particle Size:
Sieve Size mm % Retained
2.36 0
2.00 1.5
1.7 18
0.71 30.0
0.6 34
1.4 35.5
1.18 29.5
1.0 13.5
Passing 1.0 2.0
Chemical Composition:
SiO2 92.6%
Al2O3 0.8%
Fe2O3 <6.46%
Loss on Ignition 0.64%
Physical Properties:
Particle Shape Rounded / Sub-Rounded
Specific Gravity 2.65
Bulk Density Approx 1.6kg.m3
Hardness 6-7 on Mohs Scale
Acid Solubility Max 2%

Filtration for Non Filtration Specialists:
Pools, spas and ponds require water to be filtered (and as appropriate disinfected) to provide safe places for recreation and livestock. Poor maintenance can lead to clogged filters which can increase the risk of water borne infection.

Typically water filters contain clean closely graded silica sand often carried on a bed of filter support gravel. A pressure fed sand filter or "high rate" sand filter, which is generally located immediately after the pump will typically remove particles down to 10 microns in size (ten thousands of a millimetre).

Water is pumped under pressure into the top of the filter and leaves at the bottom. On the way through suspended dirt and debris in the water is trapped between the particles of sand.

Sand filters need to be cleaned regularly. By re-directing water back up through the sand bed and out to waste, accumulated dirt is flushed out, this is process is called back washing. Sand filters come with a valve known as a multi-port valve to change the direction of water flow and to facilitate this process.

Sand media needs changing every three to five years, however, also be aware of a phenomena known as channelling. This is where water cuts channels in the sand leading to a loss in filter efficiency an again will require the media to be replaced.

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Specify: 8:16 Natural sand filter media from Specialist Aggregates.

Product Code: 3409

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Filter Media - Silica Sand 8:16
Filter Media - Silica Sand 8:16
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Filter Media - Silica Sand 8:16 - Click & Collect
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