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4-10mm Leca® LWA Chimney Fill4-10mm Leca® LWAExpanded clay aggregate utilised as a decorative and moisture retentive substrateLeca® LWA is used as a substrate to roof-top gardensGenuine LECA® LWALECA® LWA in stock, at our depot in Rugeley
Leca® LWA 4-10mm Lightweight Expanded Aggregate
Product Code: 7890

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LECA® LWA - Lightweight expanded clay aggregate graded 4-10mm. Suitable for green roofs, hydroponics, chimney lining backfill and non structural lightweight concrete. Delivered in robust 50ltr packs for construction, project and trial purposes.

Pack Volume: 50 ltrs (Approximately three times the volume of a pack of "normal" aggregates) Weight per pack approximately 15kg.
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Pack size: Approximately 800mm x 400mm x 150mm.

Granule Size: Approx. 4-10mm.

Density: LECA® LWA is a super-lightweight aggregate with a dry bulk density of approximately 350 kg/m3.

Water Saturated Density:
When saturated for at least 24 hours, 4-10mm LECA® LWA is likely to absorb approximately 30% by weight of water with a resultant bulk density in the order of 500kg/m3

Genuine and original premium brand LECA® LWA and distributed prepacked throughout the UK by Specialist Aggregates.

Supplied in robust 50ltr packs for construction, projects and trial purposes. ( 1m3 requires 20packs)

"Leca" granules are made by firing selected clay in a rotary kiln at a very high temperature. As it is fired, the organic compounds in the clay vaporise forcing the pellets to expand and become honeycombed while the outside surface of each granule fuses to give a ceramic shell. The resulting granules are lightweight, porous, and have a good resistance to crushing.

Being a natural product expanded clay aggregate contains no harmful substances, it is inert with neutral pH, The granules are resistant to frost and chemicals, and will not break down in water. They are also non-combustible and have excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.

Application & Use:
Top quality clean general purpose lightweight expanded clay with a minimum of fines and backed worldwide by the LECA®LWA brand. The product is a dark grey/brown colour and offered for use in situations where aesthetics are not a prime consideration, in particular:

Horticulture: As a substrate in hydroponics, and generally blended with growing media to improve drainage and provide insulation.
An effective application has also been identified for growing marginal pond plants.

Green Roofs: The web contains advice on many and often contradictory methods for producing green roofs. Nevertheless 4-10mm Leca® LWA provides the definitive base for lightweight soils. For bottom and peripheral drainage we would recommend the 10-20mm grade Leca® LWA.

Non-Structural lightweight concrete: Suitable for fake rocks, theatre props and lightweight repairs.

Inert Backfill: Especially for restricted areas, for instance backfill to chimney linings where the product's small size and spherical shape together with convenient and strong packaging allow for ease of placement.

Particle Size: Typically:
Sieve Size mm % Passing
14 100%
10 99%
8 81%
4.0 9%
0.25 1%
Chemical Composition:
Principal components typically:
Chloride 0.04%
Acid Soluable sulphate 0.5%

Moisture Content:
This product is generally supplied dry, however, please inform our office if this is a specific requirement for your application

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Specify: 4-10mm LECA (50ltr Packs) Supplied by Specialist Aggregates.

Product Code: 7890

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Leca® LWA 4-10mm Lightweight Expanded Aggregate
Leca® LWA 4-10mm Lightweight Expanded Aggregate
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Leca® LWA 4-10mm Lightweight Expanded Aggregate
Leca® LWA 4-10mm Lightweight Expanded Aggregate
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