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Leca® Horticultural GritLeca® Horticultural Grit used as a top dressing with natural planting.Leca® Horticultural Grit Close UpLeca ® Horticultural Grit used for top dressing plants.Leca® Horticultural Grit Surface ToppingLeca<sup>®</sup> Horticutural Grit used to plant and display sedums with a backdrop of Yorkstone.Long shadows, short days and frosty nights, Leca<sup>®</sup> Horticultural Grit used as an insulating blanket in an overwintering plunge bed.Leca<sup>®</sup>Horticultural Grit used for product promotions and photoshoots.Horticultural grit as mulch to hostas
Leca® LWA - Horticultural Grit.
Product Code: 7889

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Leca® LWA Horticultural Grit. Light weight, pH neutral, sterile and freedraining soil and compost improving grit. Uses include cultivating and potting-on cacti, bulbs, and household plants in pots and troughs, overwintering plants, and top dressing of cuttings and seeds.

Pack size: 50 ltrs, Weight per pack Approximately 22kg

Grit Size: 2-4mm

Leca® Horticultural Grit. A versatile drainage and top dressing media.

Ground Cover & Plant Topping:
Leca® Horticultural Grit provides a versatile free draining ground cover and pot topping especially effective for low growing alpines and herbs. The grit also provides a quick draining "collar" to plants that are susceptible to excess moisture, and being free draining Leca® Horticultural Grit discourages the surface growth of moss and lichen.

Flowering Bulbs:
Leca® Horticultural Grit is the ideal medium for providing additional drainage to proprietary composts. When planting spring and summer flowering bulbs add the grit in a ratio of one part grit to two parts compost to provide for a free draining growing medium and finish with a generous top dressing of grit.

Seeds & Cuttings:
Leca® Horticultural Grit is both sterile and pH neutral making it the ideal top dressing when planting seeds and cuttings. Its honeycomb structure and low density ensures that it warms up more quickly than conventional stone based grits and also provides insulation aiding germination and protection of vulnerable seedlings.

In the Garden:
With good insulating properties Leca® Horticultural Grit is the ideal medium for plunge beds, protecting not only potted plants from winter frost, but over-heating of plants in plastic pots during the summer.
When dug straight into the ground, Leca® Horticultural Grit aerates soils and provides both surface drainage for Sedums and Iris and deep drainage for decorative grasses and Lavender.

Terrariums, bottle gardens and Vivariums :
Use as a free draining gravel substrate and soil conditioner when planting both open glass containers and closed terrariums.
In the base of vivariums, use in place of plastic bead or heavy gravel substrate as an effective lightweight drainage layer.

Other applications for Leca® Horticultural Grit Include:
As a clean and lightweight soil "look alike" for film set dressing, photographic shoots and art installations.

As a filler/extender to create lightweight and both sound and heat insulating backing coats in lime, gypsum and cement based renders.

What is Leca®?
Leca® Horticultural Grit is a genuine and original premium LECA® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate exclusively distributed prepacked in 50ltr packs throughout the UK by Specialist Aggregates.

"Leca" granules are made by heating small beads made from selected clays in a furnace. At high temperature the organic compounds in the clay vaporise forcing the granule to expand and become honeycombed, while the outside surface fuses to a ceramic shell. The resulting granules are lightweight, porous and made sterile by the firing process.

Being a wholly natural material. expanded clay aggregate contains no harmful substances, it is inert with neutral pH, The granules are resistant to frost and chemicals, and will not break down in water. They are also non-combustible and have excellent insulation properties.

Volume for volume Leca® Horticultural Grit is in the order of a quarter of the weight of "normal" stone based grit having a dry bulk density of approximatelyately 450kg/m3.

Water Absorption:
When saturated for at least 24 hours Leca® Horticultural Grit is likely to absorb approximately 20% by weight of water.

Particle Size:
Sieve Size mm % Passing
6.3 100%
4.75 94%
2.36 56%
1.18 6%
0.075 0.15%
Chemical Composition:
Principal components typically:
SiO2 60%
Al2O3 20%
Fe2O3 8%
K2O 3%
Mg3O 3%

This product is offered with no recommendation as to suitability for purpose. Being natural this product is subject to variation in colour and form.

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The immediate product wrapping, pallet stretch wrap and wooden pallet can all be recycled.

Specify: Leca Horticultural Grit supplied by Specialist Aggregates

Product Code: 7889

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Leca® LWA - Horticultural Grit - 50ltr
Leca® LWA - Horticultural Grit - 50ltr
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Alternative Volumes 
Leca® LWA - Horticultural Grit - 50ltr
Leca® LWA - Horticultural Grit - 50ltr
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